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I know there’s so much more

to you than meets the eye…

Hi, I’m Louise


I’m here to help you:

Believe that being you is enough (and amazing).

See that you are MORE now that you are a mother, not less.

Break free of everyone else’s expectations and definitions of success and figure out what YOU want.

Look after yourself well so you can give your best to your family.

Be calmer, happier, more present, more confident, and more fulfilled


I’m so glad you’re here! 


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Exhausted all the time? 7 types of rest you need

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My three months with Louise was transformative.  I commenced my coaching during a time of massive life changes. I felt totally overwhelmed and my anxiety about the future was through the roof. 

Louise gave me the tools to regain control over my “lizard brain” and tap into my intuition to chart a course for myself that felt really good.  I emerged from coaching with heightened personal awareness and greatly reduced anxiety levels.  I am much more present with my children, I have goals that energise me, and understand the role of self care as a foundation for my goal achievement. 

Louise is a natural coach. My transformative experience was made possible by her intuition, empathy, openness, rich life experience and extensive professional experience. 

Working with Louise is probably one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. 

Michelle Smith

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