Do you want to build more positive language into your life?

You will see the benefits to your well-being, relationships,
children and life in general.

Even the most positive among us have to make an effort to speak positively to ourselves and others when we are exhausted and stretched to our limits (let’s face it, this happens pretty often when you’re a mum!).

Let me help you!

In this 5 day challenge, you’ll find inspiration and practical advice on how to use positive language to:

  • Be kinder and more supportive to yourself
  • Make your partner feel amazing (and that’s just with your words!)
  • Help your children form a positive inner voice
  • Say yes to things that are actually good for you
  • Brighten another mum’s day.

All you need is 10 mins per day to read the emails and complete the challenges. You might even find yourself wanting to do more.


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5 Day Positively Powerful Language Challenge