Hi, I’m Louise.

Mindset and Life Coach. Speaker. Educator. Blogger.

I’m here to help you:

  • Believe that being you is enough (and amazing).
  • See that you are MORE now that you are a mother, not less.
  • Break free of everyone else’s expectations and definitions of success and figure out what YOU want.
  • Look after yourself well so you can give your best to your family.
  • Be calmer, happier, more present, more confident, and more fulfilled

A little about me:

  • Born in Scotland, raised and living in Australia
  • Wife to Jason (We met at work when he came to inform me that I was creating a major problem for him. I politely and firmly told him the problem was his responsibility, not mine. And we lived happily ever after!) 
  • Mum to one spunky little little boy and step mum to three fantastic young adults.
  • Mad about strong tea, healthy, toxin free living, running, handbags, getting crafty, travelling, planning parties, buying presents, musicals and learning new things!

This is my story…

At 4am on a Thursday morning, nearly 6 weeks before my due date, I said to my husband

‘I think my waters just broke… I have to go to work tomorrow!’

I’m sure you can imagine his response.

And then I…

  1. Snuck my work laptop into the car
  2. Discretely asked for the hospital wifi password, and
  3. Enlisted the midwife to convince my husband to let me work while I was waiting for my obstetrician (don’t worry I wasn’t actually in labour at that time but my son did arrive shortly after midnight).

He said “but you don’t have your laptop”.


Crazy you say?

I loved my corporate career for 16 years. As a coach, leader, facilitator, mentor and strategist I helped all sorts of people get energised about what they could do and take steps towards being and accomplishing more.

I really believed I’d be back in the office after a year of maternity leave.

But that spunky little boy transformed my heart and priorities.

New plan: to figure out a new plan.

Not long in a new city, I was on a mission to meet other mums. While making some amazing friends it struck me how every mum (including me) is struggling in some way. We’re all searching for help to navigate the biggest learning curve we’ve ever experienced. 

So much changes when we become mums; our priorities, the skills and knowledge we need, our daily life and routines, our relationships, the way we see ourselves, our physical appearance, our future plans, our coping strategies and our heart and emotions. 

Nothing can totally prepare us, so we’re learning on the run. And even when we find an answer that’s smart and current, it’s easy to doubt ourselves, or be overwhelmed by unhelpful advice, opinions or comparisons. 

I decided I would bring my heart and skills to help mums who need inspiration and simple, actionable learning  to help them live happier, calmer, more confident and fulfilling lives.

And so More to Mum began.

When we look at mothers going about their lives in the world, we only see a tiny part of their reality. There’s always so much more to each of us than initially meets the eye.

The perfect looking accounts of motherhood on social media are also just a highlights reel.

What we don’t see is what’s going on inside or behind closed doors.

There’s absolutely joy and love, but there’s also the dreams that have been pushed aside, fears, self criticism and doubt, exhaustion, the relentless pursuit of unrealistic standards, worry, guilt, isolation and self sacrifice. Women who were used to doing it all and nailing it in their pre-motherhood days, now find themselves lost in a new phase of life where everything seems completely out of their control. 

But it doesn’t have to be this way.

I wish for every mother to:

Believe that she is enough, even while she is growing and learning.

See that she is beautiful, worthy, strong, courageous, resilient, precious and capable.

Feel supported by a loving tribe while trusting herself to make the right decisions for herself and her family.

Live confidently as her authentic, beautiful self, without worrying about what other people think. 

Believe that her dreams are valid and worth pursuing. 

Prioritise herself as well as her family because she knows she matters too. 

Experience more happiness and calm, and be able to be totally present (well, most of the time!).

If you want that for yourself too, then I’d love to connect with you. 

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