Hi, I’m Louise.

Mindset and Life Coach. Speaker. Educator. Blogger.

Thank you for visiting my corner of the internet!

I’m here to help you feel happier, calmer, lighter and more confident as a woman and mother.

We come to motherhood full of hope and excitement but no matter how many books we’ve read or how many stories we’ve heard, reality can be very different to what we expected.

I believe that:

  • You are MORE now that you are a mother, not less and yet I understand that it doesn’t always feel that way.
  • You are ENOUGH (and amazing) just as you are, and that no one needs you to be perfect, including your children.
  • When you figure out what’s most important to YOU and how YOU want to show up in the world, you can release yourself from the pressure of everyone else’s expectations to find more joy, confidence and ease.
  • Your wellbeing is of the highest importance and this goes way beyond taking baths or having your nails done.

Most importantly, I believe in YOU.

A little about me:

  • Born in Scotland, raised in Sydney and living in Melbourne, Australia.
  • Wife to Jason. We met at work when he came to inform me that I was creating a major problem for him. I politely and firmly told him the problem was his responsibility, not mine. And we lived happily ever after!
  • Mum to one spunky little little boy (thanks to IVF) and step mum to three fantastic young adults (thanks to Jason!).
  • Became a super cool, young grandma at 40.
  • Love strong black tea, books, healthy living, running, craft, travelling, planning parties, musicals and learning new things!
  • Experienced coach, presenter and facilitator with qualifications in Human Resources and Coaching (Corporate and Life Coaching), and a Masters in Adult Education.

This is my story…

At 4am on a Thursday morning, nearly 6 weeks before my due date, I said to my husband

‘I think my waters just broke… but I have to go to work tomorrow!’

I’m sure you can imagine his response.

And then I…

  1. Snuck my work laptop into the car
  2. Discretely asked for the hospital wifi password, and
  3. Enlisted the midwife to convince my husband to let me work while I was waiting for my obstetrician (I wasn’t actually in labour at that time but my son did arrive shortly after midnight).

My husband said “but you don’t have your laptop”.



I was a corporate workaholic for 16 years. As a coach, leader, facilitator and strategist, I helped all sorts of people grow, deepen their self understanding, get energised about what was possible for them and achieve more. For the most part, I loved it. 

While I was so excited to welcome our baby into the world, I really believed I’d be back in the office after a year of maternity leave. Maybe even sooner.

How wrong I was. 


I couldn’t believe how my priorities and life changed in an instant. I was used to planning, organising and controlling everything, and my life now followed the natural rhythms of my child. 

I immersed myself in motherhood and while people told me I needed to get back to the office and stay involved, I was finding a new way to use my skills. 

I was hearing mothers all around me share their challenges and how they were navigating the life changing transition of becoming a mother. It’s the biggest learning curve we’ve ever experienced, and one that we’re not really prepared for, no matter how “ready” we think we are. The enormity of it just doesn’t reveal itself until you’re actually in it.

We don’t just become mothers at the moment our child is born. Instead we enter a slow, gradual transition that continues as we welcome more children into our lives and as they grow through life’s stages. We continue to be stretched, challenged and changed for years. 

There’s so much more to mothers than initially meets the eye.

There’s love, joy and doing all the things, but there’s also:

  • Dreams that have been pushed aside
  • Fears and worry
  • Self criticism and doubt
  • Exhaustion
  • The relentless pursuit of unrealistic standards
  • Guilt
  • Isolation
  • Self sacrifice.

Women who were used to doing it all and nailing it in their pre-motherhood days, find themselves lost in a new phase of life where so much seems completely out of their control and reach. 

When the time came to redefine what my life would look like as my child grew, my heart knew that my skills and experience could help mothers as they navigated this transition.

I want you to know that there is nothing wrong with you. You don’t have to be perfect. 

You are capable enough, strong enough, smart enough, beautiful enough and loving enough. You are enough. As you are. 

Things might feel hard and confusing right now. You might be longing for something different or something more in your life. 

That’s OK. It’s part of your transition. 

You’ve got this, beautiful. And I’d love to support you. xx

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