Courses and Workshops 

Mother's Circles

,Connection and emotional rest for mothers at any stage of motherhood.

Mother’s Circle is a safe, relaxed space where women can put down all their responsibilities for a while and be themselves.

We talk, support each other and nurture ourselves. In circle, women are accepted and listened to without judgement. You’ll leave feeling lighter, calmer, refreshed and less alone in the challenges of modern motherhood.

Held monthly, in person, in Croydon, Melbourne.

Mama Rising

An exploration of your matrescence.

It’s not just in your head. You are going through something REAL. When we become mothers we enter into a transition from woman to mother.

Matrescence is the complete transformation and identity shift of a woman throughout her child raising years – psychological, social, emotional, physical, economic and spiritual.  

This is why motherhood can represent the hardest and most beautiful years of your life.

Imperfect AND Enough Online Course

Good Enough Mothering | Guilt | Judgement | Self-Compassion

When we’re striving to be perfect mothers, there’s always something we could do better. Nothing is ever enough. 

Mistakes cause SO much guilt and worry, we criticise ourselves constantly and it feels like we’re failing a lot of the time. It’s absolutely exhausting.

Motherhood doesn’t have to feel that way, lovely. Let me show you…

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