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I help driven women balancing motherhood with their career. Professionals, leaders and business owners who are searching for a way to excel without compromising their wellbeing or family life.  

Feeling overwhelmed and exhausted by all your responsibilities and pressure from yourself and others?

Tired of feeling guilty and like you’re not able to give enough of yourself at home or at work?

Motherhood might not be what you expected, but you don’t have to navigate it alone.

It’s time to release what’s holding you back and embrace what truly mattersTo find your balance, uncover your strengths, and experience more joy, peace, and confidence on your terms.

Customised support for


Redefine motherhood based on your personal values and priorities, rather than social conditioning and “shoulds”. Navigate challenges, release yourself from unsupportive expectations and take deliberate action to find more peace and joy.

Career & Leadership

Find clarity and direction in your career, transition back to work after a break, navigate workplace challenges or enhance your leadership and interpersonal skills.  Bring your best self to work without compromising your sanity or family.

Personal Goals & Wellbeing

Say goodbye to burnout and overwhelm. Learn strategies to help you balance work, motherhood and your personal goals. Make space for the things you long to do for yourself, without the guilt.

There’s a better way

You’ve spent years working hard to establish your career or business, driven by goals and determination. Then, motherhood arrived and it didn’t fit seamlessly into your life as expected.

  • You’ve tried so hard to do it all – manage your household, be a great mother and also pursue your dreams, but balance remains elusive.
  • You’re torn between work and family and want to find a way to thrive in both areas of life, without feeling like you’re letting anyone down or having to pretend that it’s all under control.
  • You’d love to have some time just for you too!
  • You’re ready to create more clarity, ease and flow in your life and embrace a new way of defining success and fulfilment.


I’m here to help you

As a mum, stepmum and working woman who left a successful corporate career to start her own business during motherhood, I understand the challenges well and I don’t believe we need to be superwoman.

You’re my type of client if you dare to re-examine what you thought to be true about motherhood, womanhood, career and success, and to create a way forward that feels authentic and energising.

I’m passionate about helping women understand and navigate their matrescence, the transformation and identity shift we experience throughout motherhood, and embrace this as an opportunity for growth.

With a unique combination of expertise in coaching, motherhood, leadership, neuroscience and mindfulness-based behavioural therapy, I can support you in achieving your personal, motherhood and work-related goals.

You can count on me to hold a compassionate, safe space for you to courageously tackle challenges, gain clarity, deepen self-understanding and rewrite the rules to suit you.

And, at the heart of it all, I believe in you. 


Ready to get started?

My three months with Louise was transformative.  I commenced my coaching during a time of massive life changes. I felt totally overwhelmed and my anxiety about the future was through the roof.

Louise gave me the tools to manage my mindset and tap into my intuition to chart a course for myself that felt really good.  I emerged from coaching with heightened personal awareness and greatly reduced anxiety levels.  I am much more present with my children, I have goals that energise me, and understand the role of self care as a foundation for my goal achievement.

Louise is a natural coach. My transformative experience was made possible by her intuition, empathy, openness, rich life experience and extensive professional experience.

Working with Louise is probably one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.


How lucky am I, to have found someone so amazing to walk the journey of motherhood with.
My shining light, Louise, provided a refuge for me – a safe, compassionate space where she listened, challenged me and my thought patterns and just held space for me to feel what I was feeling.
Louise helped me to regain confidence and compassion for myself, and to embrace my children as the unique, beautiful little humans they are, having  the confidence to tune out the outside “noise”.
A gentle hand on my shoulder, Louise’s empathy, kind nature and knowledge of the path we journey on as mothers, has made her one of my greatest mentors in life, and I can’t wait to embrace more growth with her in the future!

Working with Louise has been the best thing I could have ever done for my headspace as a mum. I feel I’m in a much better place than I could ever have hoped when we started our sessions.

You can tell she takes a genuine interest in your wellbeing and she’s passionate about helping you to see yourself the way she and others see you. She gently encourages you to find your inner strength and let it shine. She’s with you in the ring as you wrestle your way to your goal and she is just as happy as you are when you knock out a breakthrough.

I would highly recommend anyone who’s found themselves at a roadblock in parenthood to get in touch with Louise. Coaching is about finding the answers within yourself and at the beginning I was so sceptical that I had any answers at all. Now I know they have been there all along, I just couldn’t see them through the chaos and distraction of raising children. Her gentle guidance is absolutely invaluable to anyone who is questioning their ability to be a parent.

Lee King

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