Are you tired of trying to live up to the ideal of the perfect mum?

Do you spend a lot of time thinking and worrying about the things you should be doing differently or better?

Do you struggle with guilt and feeling judged by others?

I get it.

Perfection sounds so appealing, and even necessary, when it comes to the children you love so much. Why wouldn’t you want to give them the world and do everything right for them?

BUT when we’re striving to be perfect mothers, there’s always something we could do better. Nothing is ever enough. Mistakes cause SO much guilt and worry, we criticise ourselves constantly and it feels like we’re failing a lot of the time. It’s absolutely exhausting.

You know what?⁠

Motherhood doesn’t have to feel that way. ⁠

Let me show you why you don’t need to be perfect.

You are good enough already, even when you make mistakes or don’t do everything to those very high standards you’re holding yourself to.

You yelled today?  You’re still a good enough mum.⁠

You left all the dinner dishes in the sink overnight?  Still a good enough mum.⁠

Sat the kids in front of the TV so you could take a work call or even just have a nap?  Yep, still a good enough mum. ⁠

Missed bedtime because you had to stay back at work for an urgent meeting?  You guessed it. Still a good enough mum.

Fed them toast for dinner with not a vegetable in sight?  Still a good enough mum!

Get my drift?⁠

If you’re ready to kiss the myth of the perfect mother goodbye and know that you are good enough already, then join me for Imperfect AND Enough.

This self-paced, online course is designed to help you break free from this pressure by:

1. Understanding why striving to be the perfect mum isn’t beneficial for you or your children.

2. Using your guilt as an opportunity to check whether you are living in alignment with your values.

3. Dealing constructively with judgement from others.

4. Practicing self-compassion to support you in feeling happier, calmer and more confident in your mothering journey. 

Each of the 4 modules contain a short, straight to the point video, journal prompts to guide your reflection and affirmations to help you create an empowering, supportive mindset.

Don’t spend another day feeling like you’re not measuring up. 

You get to choose how motherhood feels, lovely and I’m here to support you. 

Still have questions?

If you can’t find the answer to your question here, or you’d like to chat further about whether Imperfect AND Enough is the right course for you, then please send me an email at: